Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

2022 was a year filled with exciting transitions for me and I have been on quite the journey since the last time I checked in. You may recall that I am serving as interim president at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA. This opportunity came as a surprise, and I am grateful it fell into my lap, because I revere liberal arts education and love the school. I was at a point in my career where I could be adaptive and quickly move to the west coast. The role began last July and will end in June, when I will return home to DC.

Since being in Claremont, I’ve learned a lot about how to run an organization as an interim leader. I have been immersed in organizational transitions, fundraising and advancement, academic programming (including criminal justice education), while beginning to implement a smooth transition to the next president.

I also appreciate the opportunity to live in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and all that comes with it, in part because it is fundamentally different than living on the east coast. It has been so rewarding to gain new perspectives and continue to broaden my exposure. I appreciate the opportunity and am excited to leverage my experience in new areas.

Once I return home, I plan to continue to make connections and explore challenging opportunities. Among other things, I am planning to serve on one or more public or private boards that will enable me to leverage my recent experience, 20 years as a business school professor and another 20 in financial and tech industries. Through Jill Klein Advisors (JKA), I will be available to provide advisory and executive services, participate in advocacy work, and continue to support women in tech. Given my varied professional experiences in both academia and business, I derive great joy from helping the next generation of leaders. We will never have enough female leaders, and I intend on supporting as many as I can!

I will be in touch again before leaving Claremont this summer. I hope we can get together soon, and meanwhile, I wish you the best for 2023.

Warm regards,

Jill Klein Advisors

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