The Next Level of “Change”

Dear Friends,

For many of us, we shy away from “change” in our lives, from the comfort of our daily routine to more fundamental change in the organizations and businesses with which we are associated. But “change” can also trigger game-changing results. It can allow an organization to retain a competitive edge and to stay relevant in a highly shifting landscape. Change encourages innovation, develops powerful skills, develops and retains people, and simply leads to better business opportunities. It is the power of change in all of our lives that inspired me to form Jill Klein Advisors.

My business was formed out of the belief that I can be your thought partner for change to meet the demands of the digitally disrupted workplace. Drawing from my years of experience in the business world and higher education, I am positioned to help clients advance organizational performance to meet the opportunities of the digital age in which we live. From advisory services to talent development and strategic activation, I offer a variety of services to assist individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.

My website is listed below. I encourage you to visit it to learn more about my services. I am open to your feedback and would value your perspective to not only how I can help you but also where your pain points lie in moving to that next level of “change”.

After a life of rewarding experiences for which I am truly grateful, I stand ready to jump aboard this platform as your partner and advocate as I launch Jill Klein Advisors.

Take care,