Dear Friends,

I launched Jill Klein Advisors several months ago as a leadership platform that would allow me to leverage my many years of business and academic experience to help clients resolve organization, digital transformation, and strategy challenges. I have been overwhelmed by your positive reactions, referrals, and overall level of interest in the services I intended to provide. I am deeply grateful for your kind words and support.

Meanwhile, for the past eight years, I have served as a member of the board of trustees of Pitzer College, where I am now the vice chair. This experience has given me valuable perspective on how complex organizations operate and conduct effective strategic planning. Just a few weeks ago, Pitzer’s president announced his early and unexpected retirement, and the board promptly commenced a search process for the next president. I offered to serve as the interim president for the academic year beginning in July, while the college conducts the search, and so, I will need to briefly pause the full-fledged launch of my advisory business until the summer of 2023.

I was humbled by the Pitzer board’s confidence in me, and I look forward to a rewarding experience that will enhance my ability to provide leadership and strategic advice and also be the perfect capstone to my academic career. The upcoming year will also give me new perspectives that will expand the scope of the advisory services I will be able to offer next summer when I resume my advisory practice. Read the full Pitzer College announcement.

The next year will fly by, and I am confident that we will remain connected through the strength of our relationship. I plan to maintain my presence on LinkedIn and issue quarterly newsletters that will chronicle my very unexpected and exciting journey. My heart and a big chunk of my family remain on the east coast, and I look forward to my return next summer. I’ll be in touch!

Best regards,

Jill Klein Advisors

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